What types of putters do you offer?

Charisma Golf offers quite simply the most beautiful putters in the world. We take the best putters out there: Scotty Cameron, Piretti, Bettinardi and a whole host of others and we not only bring them back to full factory condition, we also provide the finest finishing touches through our authorised PGA network to create jaw-dropping colours and effects to help your 1-off putter stand out from the crowd.

Can you customise my putter to?

Absolutely, and you don’t need to worry about sending it to some one-man band operating out of their garage, we have the finest customisers working all around the globe from Europe to Asia.

We’ll even send you a postage box and a video of work being carried out on your putter.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with my putter?

You would have the same rights under law that you would have with any purchase. Our putters go
through a 32-stage quality assurance process so we can pretty much guarantee you will be passionately excited about your customised putter purchase, but if you’re not, we’ve got your back and we’ll rectify or refund. Every putter is filmed and photographed up to delivery so if that we can assure your purchase
meets and exceeds your expectations.

What is the 32-stage QA Process that a Charisma Golf Putter would go through?

This is a pretty exhaustive list, but we test for everything from material hardness and durability to weight verification, defects under magnification, balance and
symmetry testing. We even look at paint thickness (yes believe it or not there are manufacturers out there who supply putters with minimal paint finishes), so after a few rounds of golf they can look pretty shabby, but not a Charisma putter.

Can you customise my putter?

Absolutely. Pricing would depend on the condition of your putter and what you need us to do. A full ‘bring back to factory’, including milling, starts at $170 dollars and our most expensive finish ‘The Richelli’ is still way under $2,000 with up to 8 different individual putter head personalisations. This means that your rare Scotty Cameron when sent to Charisma Golf could be individualised to the most expensive version of that club for half the cost that you would pay to the major vendors.

What are the postage and delivery fees?

Due to the value of our putters, we tend to only send insured and tracked delivery. We also have
some very collectable and secure packaging that every club is sent in. Our packaging and unique club finishes tend to be limited-runs so your purchase will not only save you on the golf course; it should also be an investment for you in the crazy situation that you want to sell it on.

Typical delivery costs are under $100 including insurance to most areas of North America and Europe.

We don’t make money out of postage. We make our living through referrals and return customers.

What about shafts?

Shaft? Yes. It was a great film in the 70’s, not so keen on the remake 😊

We have options for stability and differing weight and length options. We even work with the leading major vendors like KBS to get colour combinations that match our
customised finishes.

Whether you want a replacement shaft to improve performance or just because you need that 1-off that nobody else has, Charisma.Golf is your first option for personalisation.

What about custom head covers?

Yes. We’ve been asked multiple times by customers to provide customised head covers for putters and even drivers and fairway woods.

We have a global art team who will take your concept and images and turn it into something magical just for you.

Recent additions include a Rocky 4, Goodfellas and even a copy of a customer’s tattoo to match the owner.

There is no question or request too obscure and typical head cover costs are around $50 so it’s proving to be a great present for the guy or girl who has everything.

What Birthday ideas can Charisma.Golf provide?

This has been a big growth area for us. Everything from taking a putter from the year that the customer was born, customised, milled, engraved and tweaked to the customer’s
unique interests and styling, and provide it in a limited-edition polished wooden box.

We have also personalised family photos on to golf bags, putter headcovers and even matched
the putter to the car that customer owns. Everything from a Vespa to a Ford Pickup, all the way to a Lamborghini engine.

You only play golf once or twice a week, unless you’re a professional, but your putter will be used more than any other club. For this reason alone, you may as well have a putter that you can fall in love with, that means something to you. An extra 1% of confidence in your putting will shave shots off you score.

A personally hand-picked putter from Charisma.Golf is possibly the best present you can provide to that golf fan in your family.

PS. We don’t mind if the present is actually for you. Your secret is safe with us!