Select Newport 2 Dual Balance: Charisma Golden Summer with Matte Black

Stability. It often comes with age and experience. With the Select Newport 2 Dual Balance, it's built-in from the get-go. Designed with a 50-gram back-weight in the end of the longer 38” standard length shaft with another 50 grams of added head-weight, unmatched stability and performance are unleashed.

Imagine a pure stroke guided by your putter's inherent design. Place your hands on the Dual Balance grip—below the convenient black guideline—and experience the stability of a perfectly counter-balanced putter. The only twists and turns you'll see from now on are on the cart-path to your next hole. 

  • Date of Manufacture: 2015
  • Putter Shaft: Off-set 3/4 shaft
  • Length of Club: 34 inch
  • Grip: Red mid sized Matador
  • Headcover: Original dark grey Select 
  • Condition: Custom refurbished - 10.0 Like NEW
  • Loft: 3.5º
  • Lie: 70º