Newport 2.5 Detour - Black & Gold

Scotty Cameron fused his innovative Detour technology with the conventional design of theNewport line to create the Newport 2.5 Detour. This putter employs the same look and feel as the Newport 2 Detour, but was designed with a flowing Santa Fe style neck. Each putter extends the Detour theory into conventional putter design by promoting the arc-shaped putting path.

Scotty gave the top-line a 2-degree high toe to make it more pleasing to the eye at the address position. The putter’s curved profile with its extended orange sightline, which is straight for the first inch and curves thereafter, shows the player the proper path. A removable stainless steel back-weight allows a single putter head to work with varying shaft lengths based on player preference. The stainless back-weight also triangulates balance for high MOI weight distribution and an increased sweet spot area that accounts for off-centre putts. A vibration-dampening elastomer cushion surrounds the aluminium face for extremely soft feel and sound. The stepless shaft offers a clean look at address, as well as positive feel and feedback.

Re-milled and then finished in Carbon black with gold - this may just be the most beautiful DeTour in the world. One of our favourites... 

  • Date of Manufacture: 2008
  • Putter Shaft: Off-set / Full shaft
  • Length of Club: 34 inch (with 20g weight)
  • Grip: Original (and rare) orange studio design with white Scotty Cameron
  • Headcover: Original orange DeTour cover in VG condition
  • Condition: Custom refurbished - 10.0 Like NEW
  • Loft: 4º
  • Lie: 71º