Studio Select Newport 2.6

A straight-shafted putter that appeals to the purist. Zero offset with a shaft that disappears at address, giving unfettered visual access to that single object that matters most - your golf ball nestled close to the putters face.

Scotty shaved millimetres off the milled spud so that the top-line view is completely unencumbered by either the neck or shaft. It's that putter-making experience again, giving the player everything he needs to play. With contours echoed in other Newport 2-style heads, the crisp Select Newport 2.6 outline breeds fearlessness. 

Re-imagined in custom blue PVD to make it visually stunning - a one of a kind putter in all senses of design...

  • Date of Manufacture: 2009
  • Putter Shaft: no off-set, straight in
  • Length of Club: 33 inch, hence 20g weights...
  • Grip: New Scotty Cameron mid size black matador 
  • Headcover: Original Scotty putter studio silver with 3 red dots (worn)
  • Condition: Custom refurbished - 10.0 Like NEW
  • Loft: 4º
  • Lie: 71º